Don’t you just feel overwhelmed with life sometimes? Putting pressure on yourself to become someone great or not knowing what you want to do in the future?

There are days where I would be listening to music feeling contented and all of a sudden I think of how I’m wasting my time and how I can never achieve anything successful. It scares me so much how time passes by so quickly, and I just think to myself ‘Have I done anything worthwhile?’, ‘Have I been doing things to improve on myself and not waste time?’ or ‘Have I been doing things I love?’ And if I can’t answer any one of those questions with a ‘yes’…it honestly brings me to tears because life is too short to feel like you’re not good enough or to think you’re not worth anyone’s time. I wish I can amalgamate everyone who feels the same way I do and help them out by letting them know they’re not alone.

If you are one of those wonderful human beings who are overlooked and under appreciated, this is a message to you saying you are more than enough and you will achieve big things in life. Don’t ever let small minded people tell you that you can’t achieve your goals. It is so easy to get let down and lose inspiration but you gotta fight that negativity and be the best possible you. Be amazing, you can do it.


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