How Having a Slow Computer Taught Me Patience

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend suffering with a slow computer…if you can afford to get a new one, DEFINITELY buy one! But with that aside, I want to talk about how having a slow computer taught me patience.

First of all, it’s horrible! Totally depressing! I remember my laptop shutting down by itself four times in 2 hours. I could still remember how angry and stressed I was while experiencing that awful situation. There are days where I can tolerate my turtle speed computer but there are also days where it drives me insane. So I haven’t been able to purchase a new computer yet and I really do need a better, faster, up to date laptop. It still works and I’m very grateful for that. Months ago, I would throw tantrums whenever my computer would lag. I would be so upset to the point where I start thinking of all the things that’s wrong with my life and why everything is so unfair. Of course I still have those days but I’m better in keeping my cool and just being patient. Overall, I think my slow dinosaur computer taught me a lot about how you can’t have anything you want, whenever you want. You have to make do with what you have and BE PATIENT.


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