Things That Inspire Me

Hello, lovely human being reading this. I hope you are having a happy day full of productivity and positive vibes. I want to share some things that inspire me.

  • My sisters and how they’re the most important people in my life
  • My dad and his intelligence, sensitivity, humor, and awesomeness
  • My mom and her creativity, talents, her amazing heart, and cuteness
  • MUSIC.
  • food, food, food.
  • loyal friends
  • funny friends
  • crazy friends
  • great weather
  • cats and dogs and bunnies
  • oceans and how happy I feel when my feet are in the sand, wind blowing through my hair, and a clear happy mind
  • mountains and how adventurous I feel when I go on hikes, see beautiful trees, and enjoy nature

Always try to find a lesson in every weary situation, always try to find courage in yourself & other people



Don’t you just feel overwhelmed with life sometimes? Putting pressure on yourself to become someone great or not knowing what you want to do in the future?

There are days where I would be listening to music feeling contented and all of a sudden I think of how I’m wasting my time and how I can never achieve anything successful. It scares me so much how time passes by so quickly, and I just think to myself ‘Have I done anything worthwhile?’, ‘Have I been doing things to improve on myself and not waste time?’ or ‘Have I been doing things I love?’ And if I can’t answer any one of those questions with a ‘yes’…it honestly brings me to tears because life is too short to feel like you’re not good enough or to think you’re not worth anyone’s time. I wish I can amalgamate everyone who feels the same way I do and help them out by letting them know they’re not alone.

If you are one of those wonderful human beings who are overlooked and under appreciated, this is a message to you saying you are more than enough and you will achieve big things in life. Don’t ever let small minded people tell you that you can’t achieve your goals. It is so easy to get let down and lose inspiration but you gotta fight that negativity and be the best possible you. Be amazing, you can do it.

How Having a Slow Computer Taught Me Patience

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend suffering with a slow computer…if you can afford to get a new one, DEFINITELY buy one! But with that aside, I want to talk about how having a slow computer taught me patience.

First of all, it’s horrible! Totally depressing! I remember my laptop shutting down by itself four times in 2 hours. I could still remember how angry and stressed I was while experiencing that awful situation. There are days where I can tolerate my turtle speed computer but there are also days where it drives me insane. So I haven’t been able to purchase a new computer yet and I really do need a better, faster, up to date laptop. It still works and I’m very grateful for that. Months ago, I would throw tantrums whenever my computer would lag. I would be so upset to the point where I start thinking of all the things that’s wrong with my life and why everything is so unfair. Of course I still have those days but I’m better in keeping my cool and just being patient. Overall, I think my slow dinosaur computer taught me a lot about how you can’t have anything you want, whenever you want. You have to make do with what you have and BE PATIENT.

Long Distance Friendships

Have you ever met a friend online that lives far away from you? Yes? Me too. I’ve met a couple of people whom I consider a very important part of my life. We share stories, tell jokes, talk about our life struggles, and overall be there for each other. Most of the time it’s great because you find other human beings who have similar interests as you do and different opinions which can give you a different perspective in the ways you see things. But, sometimes the situation where you and your long distance friend is in gets difficult or sorrowful because of how far you two are from each other.

The thought that you can’t go to the movies together or grab ice-cream and pizza is a very melancholy experience. That the most you can do is see each other from one computer screen to the other, hearing each other’s voices only through call, and not being able to physically be there for one another can get very depressing. But, that doesn’t mean friendships end just because of these unfortunate circumstances. In fact it may even strengthen the bond you two have. All I know for certain is… as long as you both think about each other and don’t give up on the friendship then anything can happen. Take advantage of social media and how easy they make it for us to communicate to people significantly further away from us. Stay strong and don’t give up!