The Struggle of Having Motivation to Workout

I used to work out 3-5 times a week with no problem. I would put my workout clothes on, grab my water bottle, and head on out to start working out. These past two months, I’ve been struggling to start a workout and finish it feeling accomplished and ecstatic. Today, my 61 year old dad went out on a 4 hour bike ride and came home overwhelmingly exhausted. Even though he was sore and unable to think straight because he was in excruciating pain from the workout, it inspired me to start working out again. After 2 hours of surfing the net and being unproductive, I managed to get dressed and start on my workout routine. First, I was driven with motivation and was excited to get my heart pumping. After fifteen minutes, I remembered how difficult it was and how much mental strength you need to finish a workout. After 40 minutes of exercising, I decided I would call it a day. The endorphin’s must have kicked in because writing this now, I feel great and motivated to work out tomorrow but let’s see how that works out (no pun intended). But yes, overall I just wanted to write this article to share my feelings and thoughts on how mentally difficult it is to start my workout routine. Stay tuned in to see if I actually continue to become the best possible me I can be!


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